IV therapy is an important part of the patient care experience. With IV therapy, a medication goes directly into the bloodstream, which can help with fast relief and more direct treatment of a specific condition. However, with treatments like this, complications are possible.

IV Therapy Complications
One complication that can occur with IV therapy is a “pop off.” This happens when the solution that’s supposed to be going into the body leaks out, which can lead to infection or tissue damage. This usually occurs because the IV site was not put in correctly, or because the catheter has been moved too much, or because the site has become irritated.We’ve looked closely at the causes of “pop offs” and how to prevent them. From our findings, we discovered that the connector’s design could be improved to help prevent them.

HMGD’s Patented Medical Extension Set
At HMG, we developed a patented medical extension set that helps ensure the safety of IV therapy. One benefit of our extension set is the flat swabable surface making it easier to clean. It has a neutral and clear valve that is bonded directly to the tubing and offers a needle-free designed minimizing the risk of infection and potential injuries. It also has a 325 PSI rated, purple pinch clam which helps prevent occlusions, air embolisms, blood loss and contamination.

Furthermore, our medical extension set features an extra layer of protection with the addition of extra threads in the swivel collar to provide a more secure connection. This helps prevent “pop offs” during power injections. Our connectors also feature a longer distal tip that helps reduce dead space in the hub of the catheter. This helps minimize the risk of a clogged or blocked catheter, reduce the risk of bacteria growth, ensure that the connector remains in place throughout treatment and decreases the likelihood of misdirection from the vein into surrounding soft tissue. Additionally, our valve technology prevents blood from entering the interstitial space, so if there is ever a pop off, it takes much longer for blood to leak out than other systems.

As a healthcare practitioner, you know how important it is to reduce risk in IV therapy. Our medical extension set was designed to keep your patients safe, which is why you can be confident our product will meet the needs of your facility and your patients.

Listed below are additional details regarding our patented medical extension set. If you would like to learn more about it, give us a call at 833-464-2426.


Extension set with luer lock needleless connector. Sterile, single use, non-pyrogenic, non-toxic.

Indications for Use:

The intended use for HMG Extension Sets CV100B, CV100R, CVM100B, CV200B and CV300B is to provide a pathway for which intravenous fluids, medications, blood and blood products may be administered to a patient’s vascular system.

  • • Open the individual pouch and carefully remove the extension set. Exercise caution to maintain sterility.
  • • Remove the distal tip cover.
  • • Follow local aseptic technique protocol.
  • • Attach the male luer of the extension set to the female luer of the connecting device.
  • • Make sure the extension set is patent.
  • • Follow local protocol for priming.
  • • Attach administration set or male luer syringe to the needleless connector.
  • • Perform infusion according to local protocol.
  • • Remove and discard the extension set per local protocol.