Introducing The Monarch

Safety Blood Collection Sets


  • Patented door that closes post-retraction
  • Reduces exposure to needle sticks
  • Reduces exposure to bloodborne

Featured Products

Blood Transfer Devices

ECG Electrodes: Radiolucent with Wet Gel

7″ IV Extension Set, macro bore with bonded needlefree valve

HMG Continues to Earn Trust

At HMG, we take pride in our customer service and the feedback we receive from customers.

“I don’t believe that any hospital can rely on their primary distributor to effectively supply their facility. HMG has given us a driven and knowledgeable alternative source that understands our needs and believes that failure is not an option. First, I see HMG as a great source of information. Even when they don’t distribute the product I need, they provide me with more knowledge that helps me in my search. They engage quickly and are nimble enough to go find what I need. I recommend them without hesitation.”

— Supply Chain Director | Valencia, CA

“HMG has been able to supply Harris Health System with serval patient care items during this supply constraint time when our partnering vendors was not able to sustain us.”

— Lakeisha M Hall | Harris Health System

Service Guarantee – HMG True Partnership

We know it’s a big decision to convert to one of our products. That’s why we promise to make your transition to HMG as easy and stress-free as possible. With the HMG True Partnership, when you convert to one of our products, we’ll keep 2 months’ worth of inventory on hand for your hospital or health system. We’ll also communicate with you monthly regarding your current stock levels in an effort to reduce last-minute stresses if a substitute or replacement product is needed.

We’ve got your back, because we want you to be able to focus on what matters most: providing the best care possible for your patients.