Partners of Innovation, Guardians of Quality



At Hartman Medical Group, we are a medical device specification developer and distributor. HMG markets and sells its own branded Class 1 & 2 labeled products as well as national brand products. We also offer OEM, private label, kit packing, and secondary sourcing capabilities to healthcare providers, distributors, and other medical device manufacturers.

Branded Products & Private Labeling

At HMG, we distribute and sell the highest quality medical products in the acute and non-acute markets nationwide. Our operations team is able to source and provide an uninterrupted supply of critical medical devices despite ongoing supply chain issues. Our product portfolio includes IV extension sets, electrodes, syringes, sterile water products, blood collection sets and more.

Quality Management Solutions

We are expert regulatory advisors specializing in Medical Device adherence to FDA standards

  • Regulatory Submissions for Drugs and Medical Devices
  • FDA Account Set-Up and Maintenance
  • Regulatory Submissions for Drugs and Medical Devices
  • Validations, Audits, and QMS
  • GS1/GUDID Account Set-Up and Maintenance

HMG Solutions

HMG stands as your dynamic partner in manufacturing and private labeling. We expertly manage every phase of your product’s journey, from its initial development and manufacturing, right through to private labeling and logistics coordination.


  • Product Design & Development
  • Contract Manufacturing & Resourcing
  • Warehousing & Logistical Support
  • Redundancy Planning