Safety Blood Collection Set l Rospital

Brand – Rospital

1,000 ea/case


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SFYBC21Safety Blood Collection Set without holder, 21g x 3/4"1,000 ea/caseRospital
SFYBC23Safety Blood Collection Set without holder, 23g x 3/4"1,000 ea/caseRospital
SFYBC25Safety Blood Collection Set without holder, 25g x 3/4"1,000 ea/caseRospital
SFTBCH23Safety Blood Collection Set with holder, 23g x 3/4"400 ea/caseRospital

Rospital’s blood collection sets are designed to increase safety and efficiency when drawing blood samples. The easy to use luer adapter provides a safe collection environment for both clinician and patient. The luer adaptor is already added to the butterfly needle therefore, the holder can immediately be screwed on without having to assemble the adapter first. In many cases this can save valuable time.


• Double wings make puncture more safe
• Soft and transparent PVC tube can observe the vein blood flow clearly
• Luer Slip Adaptor
• Sterile|EO
• Non-Toxic & Latex Free
• Safety Needle
• Non-pyrogenic
• Single-use only
• Ready to use right out of the package, with no assembly required

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