Based in Birmingham, AL, HMG is a fully insured medical device company that focuses on Class II medical
devices with a specialty in delivering clinical advantage products relative to current products in the market.

HMG’S goal is to bring the next generation of medical
devices to market that will revolutionize patient care.

HMG’S flagship product was developed based on industry experience in vascular access and product development opportunities. The result is a high-quality Intravascular Extension Set that includes valve technology that prevents blood from entering the interstitial space, as well as a longer distal tip that reduces “pop-offs.” This combination of features provides a clinical advantage that results in a safer, more efficient, and operator-friendly product and experience.


Our flagship product:
Intravascular Extension Set

Valve technology prevents blood
from entering the interstitial space.

The longer distal tip helps reduce
dead space in the hub of the

Along with product development and manufacturing, HMG has established itself as a “tactical distributor.” Our customers need to be successful, and they can only be successful if they have the products they need when they need them.

When supply chain issues, backorders, or other delays threaten to disrupt their
everyday operations, we solve the problem by supplying the products when
they’re needed most.

HMG is a company that primarily services hospital systems, with a secondary market in alternate sites and home infusion. We have a growing portfolio of products and service customers domestically and internationally.